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  • Treehouse
    • Treehouse manages our master planning attraction design, executive production, and special venue development. Visit Treehouse
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  • Digital Media
    • Digital Media develops media, augmented reality and interactive experiences that ignite the imagination. Visit Digital Media
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  • Licensing
    • Licensing provides access to our unparalleled attraction systems, media content and intellectual property. Visit Licensing
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Jason Ambler

VP of Digital Media/Executive Producer

Jason has been with Falcon’s Creative Group since 2012. He holds a BFA from the Florida State University College of Motion Pictures, Television, and Recording Arts. An industrious and enthusiastic professional, Jason led and collaborated on films, television series, music videos, commercials, and documentaries around the world. He has served in various capacities, including Producer, Director, Cinematographer, and Visual Effects Supervisor.

Jason co-founded Eclectico Entertainment, a Los Angeles-based production company, specializing in films, commercials, and music videos for celebrity clientele. Jason worked on several award-winning independent features with world-wide distribution. He was Co-Producer and Post-Production Supervisor for Immortal Island (2011) and Executive Producer and Visual Effects Supervisor for Dead Dad (2012). At Digital Domain Media Group, Jason worked on blockbuster films such as Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011), The Smurfs (2011), and Thor (2011). As Director of Special Projects, Jason coordinated with various departments throughout the studio including feature animation, visual effects, stereo conversion, commercials, military simulations, marketing, recruiting, and investor relations.

Jason’s supercharged expertise in client relations, contracts, budgeting, scheduling, technical equipment, and visual effects software have made him an exceptionally diversified Media Producer. Jason straddles the worlds of creative and production to manage the studio, develop schedules and budgets, and coordinate with clients and vendors to generate high quality media. He is committed to exploring imaginative worlds, and is captivated by budding industries like augmented reality. Jason drives the business and art of entertainment to new levels. Top-notch work for Chimelong Ocean Kingdom and Falcon’s marketing content have identified him as a pioneer in cutting edge creative media production.