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Saham Ali

Director of Technology

Saham holds a degree in Computer Engineering, and is a graduate of The Digital Animation & Visual Effects School. Saham’s career has been fueled by a mission to showcase the wide range of capabilities of computers, from gaming to business optimization.

Saham is a key player in the fields of Visual Effects and Animation. He has acted in roles as varied as Technical Director of VFX for Pinewood Shepperton and IT Director for The DAVE School. He is able to navigate the intricate territories of IT project management, technical planning, and visual effects technical solutions with ease.

Saham’s sophisticated process management can be seen all over the entertainment industry. As Chief Technology Officer for Red Earth VFX Studios, he has had a hand in the development of recognizable television productions Outsourced, Hawaii 5-0, Star Trek: New Voyages, and more. His film credits include Red Tails for Lucasfilm and Kevin Smith’s Tusk. Saham has achieved noteworthy feats such as turning a 14,000 core HPC into a public render farm and singlehandedly managing a large production facility with over 250 workstations.

As Director of Technology, Saham harnesses his tremendous knowledge database and refined perspective to further strengthen many avenues within Falcon’s Creative Group. With Saham’s time-tested insights, Falcon’s is reaching even greater heights in Research & Development infrastructure strength. He has helped the firm position itself at the forefront of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality development for themed experiences, and is always finding ways to leverage up-and-coming technologies to achieve the formerly impossible. Saham also provides valued leadership in introducing technical efficiencies across the Media production pipeline.