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  • Treehouse
    • Treehouse manages our master planning attraction design, executive production, and special venue development. Visit Treehouse
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  • Digital Media
    • Digital Media develops media, augmented reality and interactive experiences that ignite the imagination. Visit Digital Media
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  • Licensing
    • Licensing provides access to our unparalleled attraction systems, media content and intellectual property. Visit Licensing
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Yvette Whittaker

Executive Vice President of Operations

Yvette is a founding member of Falcon’s Creative Group, and over time has developed an intimacy with all aspects of the creative business and has provided her with an encyclopedic knowledge of clients, vendors, and projects. Her attention to detail ensures timely execution for even the most challenging projects. Those who have the privilege to work with her are staggered by her ability to balance numerous difficult tasks while ensuring that each receives the same attention, quality, and care synonymous with the Falcon’s Creative Group name.

Yvette’s varied skills have allowed Falcon’s Creative Group to grow creatively. She is a potent visionary, who taps into the best ways to manage and streamline processes for business operations, scheduling, budgeting, client relations, and marketing. Her guidance paved the way for success with IMG Worlds of Adventure Dubai, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, OCT’s Happy Valley Shanghai, Luna Park Melbourne, The 2010 Shanghai World Expo, Melco City of Dreams, Lotte World, Alton Towers, Universal Studios, and other major clients. Her teams have earned Thea Awards for Outstanding Achievement thrice over (2005 – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, 2006 – Curse of DarKastle, and 2009 – Dragon’s Treasure).

Experience has given Yvette the gift of perspective. She is a pragmatic leader, always thinking two steps ahead in order to make the most informed decision possible. She can put herself in the shoes of others to see how information is being absorbed. Yvette is a nurturing role model and accomplished ambassador, who inspires her team to dream hard and work harder.