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Falcon's Licensing Adds Curse of DarKastle and Turtle Trek

Falcon's Licensing Adds Curse of DarKastle and Turtle Trek

Falcon's Licensing is proud to announce two new features!

Falcon’s Licensing is excited to announce Curse of DarKastle and Turtle Trek are now available to be licensed for entertainment venues.

Curse of DarKastle tells a thrilling legend set in a Bavarian Kingdom, telling the story of a young prince named Ludwig, who lived neglected in a dark castle. Prince Ludwig would grow to be a troubled child until one night his parents disappeared and he was transformed into the Mad King Ludwig of DarKastle. Curse of DarKastle will test audiences’ fear and excitement by using 3D CGI, motion-based vehicles and multi-sensory effects to thrill spectators of all ages.

Turtle Trek allows guests to be an everyday hero while they live the journey of a sea turtle from its beginning as a hatchling to a full grown adult. Guests are then immersed into an experience that shows the unique challenges and triumph’s sea turtles must endure through their life’s journey. Turtle Trek delivers a message of conservation and inspires visitors to make a difference in the marine ecosystem.

For more information about Falcon’s Licensing films, please contact us at info@falconslicensing.com

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