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Falcon's Licensing Latest Films

Falcon's Licensing Latest Films

Falcon's Creative Group collaborated with the City of Dream Macau to announce Dragon's Treasure as the most recent addition to our library of films available for license.

Dragon's TreasureTM

“In collaboration with City of Dreams, Dragon’s TreasureTM is our latest innovative 360° film available to license. This award-winning masterpiece has become an icon in Macau, and has transported millions of guests to a whole new level of entertainment experience,” said Cecil D. Magpuri, President and Chief Creative Officer of Falcon’s. “We are now truly excited to make Dragon’s TreasureTM accessible to fans around the world through this licensing arrangement with Melco Crown (COD) Developments.”

Dragon’s TreasureTM was launched at the integrated resort City of Dreams in Macau, subsequently awarded a 2009 Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement. The film tells the story of the dragon kings and the fabled pursuit of the mystical pearl. Audiences embark on a totally immersive and unique multi-media entertainment journey and are submerged to the underwater palace of the Jade Emperor. The journey culminates in a breathtaking visual spectacle as the audience receives a spiritual blessing of good fortune.

Adventures Into The Deep

Set in the future, Adventures into the Deep, ventures into a world where dramatic climate change has led to rising sea levels. The audience then travels deep under the sea on a Matsu Defense submarine, witnessing the effects climate change has had on the ocean and its sea creatures. The journey climaxes with a hair-raising mission to face off against an impending tsunami.

Turtle Trek

Turtle Trek allows guests to be an everyday hero while they live the journey of a sea turtle from its beginning as a hatchling to a full grown adult. Guests are then immersed into an experience that shows the unique challenges and triumph’s sea turtles must endure through their life’s journey. Turtle Trek delivers a message of conservation and inspires visitors to make a difference in the marine ecosystem.

Curse of DarKastle

Curse of DarKastle tells a thrilling legend set in a Bavarian Kingdom, telling the story of a young prince named Ludwig, who lived neglected in a dark castle. Prince Ludwig would grow to be a troubled child until one night his parents disappeared and he was transformed into the Mad King Ludwig of DarKastle.

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