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Ocean Avenue Media Canopy Welcomes Guests

Ocean Avenue Media Canopy Welcomes Guests

Experience Imagination with Falcon's latest project reveal!

A variety of different characters and environments were created by the Falcon’s Treehouse media team including an array of underwater creatures elegantly choreographed in their natural surroundings. The media is displayed on a curved overhead 4K LED screen that is approximately 230’ x 108’ and 34’ high.

“We are honored to have created a media experience that serves as the first engagement point to the park” says Cecil D. Magpuri, Chief Creative Officer of Falcon’s Treehouse. “It’s exciting that guests have the opportunity to become absorbed in the story from the moment they arrive, to the time they leave Chimelong Ocean Kingdom and the incredible LED overhead canopy was the perfect canvas for our media”.

The Manta Ray media sequence produced by Falcon’s Treehouse includes nearly forty realistic CGI manta rays gliding throughout a natural coral reef environment. The main character crosses through a magical energy orb and flies above the guests inviting them to follow into the park.

The Undersea Montage media piece is a custom compilation of live action video clips designed to transport the audience through various types of oceanic ecosystems. Each scene has a diverse layout of the content, designed specifically for the venue that can be viewed from all angles of guest flow. Opening with an epic dive into Earth’s ocean from space, guests immediately find themselves swimming with their favorite creatures of the open ocean, vibrant coral reefs, lush kelp beds, and frozen Antarctic landscapes. The finale is an extraordinary fireworks spectacular as never seen before from below the water surface.

The Falcon’s Treehouse media team is hard at work developing additional media sequences that will be added to the pieces currently running in the grand canopy rotation.

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