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Suspended Disbelief

Suspended Disbelief

Have you heard of the Suspended Theater™? It's the newest addition to the Falcon's Licensing lineup.

Falcon’s takes great pride in our line of patented products. The latest one, our innovative Suspended Theater™, is an attraction that features multiple sensory technologies to produce an immersive experience like no other. The Suspended Theater experience begins as a familiar one.  Upon loading, guests are given the impression they’re in a standard theater. After they take their seats, media begins to play on a traditional media screen and they are lulled into a false sense of security.

“The ceiling seems to be ripped away from above as they take off!  Raised by a unique lifting system, the guests tilt into place smoothly yet quickly, lifting skyward into a large, incredible vista of spectacular immersive content…it was designed to surprise.” Says Cecil D. Magpuri, President & Chief Creative Officer of Falcon’s.

Utilizing three degrees of freedom, the Suspended Theater™ glides through its experiences elegantly and quietly. With pitch, roll and heave, guests get to experience the motion of a system that is fast and powerful and controlled by movements so refined that it perfectly synchronizes with the media content.

“The flight experience is elegant, thrilling and still family friendly,” adds Cecil. “We want every guest to feel that the Suspended Theater™ gave them the most unexpected and amazing experience possible.” A key aspect of the Suspended Theater™ is its precision engineered design. Our partnership with Oceaneering Entertainment Systems for the engineering and fabrication of the Suspended Theater™ adds another level of quality to the product. "Oceaneering is very excited to join with Falcon's Treehouse to produce this next generation of multi-sensory theater attractions.  The collaboration of our companies, each bringing their core competencies to these projects, is the culmination of months of design evolution, planning and cooperation that is unique to our industry.  We think this product will bring a new dimension of experience to Theme Parks and exhibits throughout the world," says Dave Mauck of Oceaneering.

The Suspended Theater™ is unmatched in the world of flying ride systems.  It exude raw power and elegance as it takes its riders soaring across inspiring adventures.

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