Character Design

  • IMG Worlds of Adventure

    IMG Worlds of Adventure is a 1.5 million-square-foot entertainment destination, consisting of four themed zones including MARVEL, Cartoon Network, Lost Valley – Dinosaur Adventure, and IMG Boulevard.
    IMG Worlds of Adventure
  • Forbidden Territory (Lost Valley Dark Ride)

    The Lost Valley at IMG Worlds of Adventure is one of four zones that the team at Falcon’s Treehouse master planned for the enormous indoor theme park located in Dubai. Falcon’s conceptualized and brought to fruition five attractions for this dinosaur-themed area that would that fire guests’ imagination and provide powerful “wow” moments.
    IMG's Forbidden Journey Dark Ride
  • The Haunted Hotel

    A cast of creepy hotel staff members, ghostly wraiths, dead-eyed zombies, possessed souls, and graveyard stalkers await the bravest guests at one of the most popular attractions at the massive indoor theme park in Dubai.
    IMG Haunted Walkthrough
  • Lotte World Adventure Shenyang

    For 26 years, Lotte World’s Seoul-themed recreation complex has shown a track record of longstanding success, welcoming over 7.5 million guests per year. When the company decided to branch out into their first international park, Lotte World Adventure Shenyang, they needed inspired partners to ensure that this world-class destination would be every bit as spectacular as Lotte’s guests have come to expect. For this reason, Lotte World partnered with the potent imaginative forces of Falcon’s Creative Group.
    Theme Park Master Plan
  • Deep Sea Odyssey Dark Ride

    Falcon’s Creative Group was hired to develop original media content and project manage Deep Sea Odyssey, a dark ride attraction at Chimelong Ocean Kingdom in Zhuhai, China. The immersive ride is an enriching experience for people of all ages, and it supports the park’s overall mission, which is to celebrate humanity’s relationship with the ocean and its vast number of amazing creatures.
    Deep Sea Ocean Odyssey dark ride
  • Turtle Trek®

    Be an Everyday Hero at SeaWorld Orlando's Turtle Trek® and live the journey of a sea turtle from its beginning as a hatchling to a fully-grown adult. Audiences are immersed in the perspective of a sea turtle and engaged in a thrilling array of natural environments.

    Turtle Trek® is an uplifting experience that gives audiences the unique opportunity to not only live out a sea turtle’s challenges and triumphs but also to learn how to make a difference in the marine ecosystem.

    Turtle Trek at SeaWorld Orlando
  • Dragon’s Treasure™

    A groundbreaking Bubble Theater is the setting for a beautiful cinematic journey beneath the water, inside of the world-renowned City of Dreams Casino. Dragon’s Treasure™ was rendered in a format that envelops the audience physically and emotionally. Dragon’s Treasure™ tells the mythical story of the dragon kings and the fabled pursuit of the mystical pearl.
    Dragon's Treasure Dome Attraction
  • Knight Valley at OCT Eco Park

    On a steep mountainside in Shenzhen, China, a remarkable place called the EcoAdventure Institute is the thematic backdrop for the Econaughts – brave adventurers who embark on thrilling voyages of discovery and awareness.
    OCT Knight Valley entrance
  • Curse of DarKastle

    In a pioneering partnership with Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Falcon’s Creative Group designed this unique attraction, bringing the dark ride into the modern age. The hybrid ride takes riders through a foreboding Bavarian castle where they encounter perfectly synchronized 3D video projection, dazzling physical sets, and in-vehicle music and special effects.
    DarKastle Dark Ride