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HybriDome Theater

HybriDome Theater is a unique turnkey theater solution, fulfilling more than one purpose. Its centerpiece is a rotating auditorium, which allows for different operating modes.

Event location, concert hall, movie theater, training center, planetarium: What if you could have a venue that combines all of these in one place - equipped with cutting-edge technology, creating an absolutely unique visitor experience? Creating a space that allows you to combine both education and entertainment?

In pre-show operations, the solution offers a spacious, high-end stage area of 180 square meters equipped with the latest stage technology in the basic version, including a 60 square meter lifting platform (forestage), which is part of the rotating auditorium and extends the main stage. The total height of the stage area is 13 meters, allowing for the positioning of scenery with the use of stage hoists. Moreover, the event mode features the possibility to use various types of screens - from cinema (2D/3D) to presentation, depending on the application.

In dome-show operations, the auditorium is rotated 180 degrees. The 2D/3D projection dome is in the center of the action, setting the stage for full-dome projections. Seats that fold back enhance the planetarium experience even more, allowing the visitors to dive into "space". In this mode, the 60 square meter forestage, which forms part of the rotating auditorium, is still available as a stage for presentations and more.

General Specifications & Options


  • 200 Persons


  • Walk-in Lighting

Optional Special Effects

  • Water Curtain
  • Laser Show

Product Owner

About Kraftwerk Living Technologies

Kraftwerk Living Technologies is one of the leading companies in the field of professional audio-visual system integration, headquartered in Wels, Austria. By combining and synchronizing high-quality technologies (audio, video, lighting, media control and special effects), we realize individually tailored, state-of-the-art concepts and solutions for various applications.

From immersive multimedia attractions for theme parks and entertainment venues, virtual reality projects for industry and science, to audio-visual equipment for museums, theaters and other event locations – the possibilities of professional audio-visual system integration are almost unlimited. TURN ON UNITED TECHNOLOGIES. www.kraftwerk.at