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Curse of DarKastle

This unique attraction brought the dark ride into the modern age, in a pioneering partnership with Busch Gardens Williamsburg. The hybrid ride takes riders through a foreboding Bavarian castle, where they encounter perfectly synchronized 3D video projection, dazzling physical sets, and in-vehicle music and special effects.

Falcon’s allowed Busch Gardens’ guests to undertake a bone-chilling sleigh ride filled with dizzying drops, surprise twists, sensational 3D visuals, brought to life with industry revolutionizing technology. This attraction raised the bar for media-savvy theme park design.

The pulse-pounding attraction received a Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement. Falcon’s Creative Group was responsible for the attraction’s comprehensive design services, including concept art, technical planning, 3D animation, set design, and more.

Now Falcon’s Licensing offers this thrilling motion-based 4D dark ride experience, including Pre-Show and Main Show media content.

THEA Award

Curse of DarKastle is located in: Williamsburg, Virginia, U.S.A.

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