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Dragon’s Treasure™

A groundbreaking Bubble Theater is the setting for a beautiful cinematic journey beneath the water, inside of the world-renowned City of Dreams Casino. Dragon’s Treasure™ was rendered in a format that envelops the audience physically and emotionally. Dragon’s Treasure™ tells the mythical story of the dragon kings and the fabled pursuit of the mystical pearl.

As the story begins, audiences embark on a larger-than-life excursion and are submerged at the underwater palace of the mythical Jade Emperor. An engaging display of beauty and wonder unfolds against this fantastic backdrop as a quartet of dragon kings are awakened from their ancient slumber by a curious jade-colored carp. The incredible visual feast culminates in a breathtaking optical spectacle, as the audience receives a mystical blessing of good fortune.

The story of Falcon’s Creative Group developing Dragon’s Treasure™ is as epic as the narrative experienced by guests inside the Bubble Theater. The creative services firm are proud to have been central to this industry first, a groundbreaking 360° dome experience like nothing audiences had ever witnessed before. The recipient of a 2009 Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement, the $40 million project gives guests an unprecedented opportunity to choose their own view inside the 360° dome, for a different show each time. It was an ambitious project, with demanding technical considerations for high-definition video content, omni-directional projection, theatrical lighting, and sensory effects, all working in seamless synchronization. Falcon’s took the project from media and technical design to on-site integration, resulting in a stellar attraction that set the bar for media-based storytelling.

Falcon’s Licensing offers the Main Show media content for this stunning 360° dome experience.

THEA Award

Dragon’s Treasure™ is located in: Macau, China

I know, without reservation, that I can count on Falcon’s Treehouse to deliver on time and on budget, regardless of the difficult parameters I often ask you to operate within.

Geoff Benham Creative Director, City of Dreams, Melco Crown Entertainment Ltd

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