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Knight Valley at OCT Eco Park

On a steep mountainside in Shenzhen, China, a remarkable place called the EcoAdventure Institute is the thematic backdrop for the Econaughts – brave adventurers who embark on thrilling voyages of discovery and awareness. Guests are invited to join the Econaughts on their expeditions, and return with tales of adventure, as well as insight into planet Earth.

Falcon’s Creative Group was challenged to develop an experience driven by exploration of uncharted frontiers, from the undiscovered realms of the Earth to the mysteries of oceans and the cosmos. The ambitious project was one of four theme parks for OCT East Resort, a leisure destination already teeming with attractions, shopping, dining, hotels, a golf course, and a water park. With Knight Valley, however, OCT East Resort aimed for something special, and needed Falcon’s trained eye and wondrous imagination to make it a reality. As with many of Falcon’s ventures, the creative firm was required to wear many hats, from master planning to on-site media integration.

Falcon’s Creative Group explored three full park concepts before reaching a harmonious balance of thrills and ecological awareness. In this grand master planning effort, Falcon’s developed a mix of classic attractions and intensely immersive specialty attractions, focused on discovery and positive environmental sentiment. One of the highlights, Adventures into the Deep, made use of Falcon’s first incredible CircuMotion™ Theater for an exhilarating journey set in the future, utilizing custom 3D media and integrated special effects. In this 360° attraction, guests travel deep under the sea on a Matsu Defense submarine to witness the consequences of climate change on the ocean and her sea creatures. They also undertake a hair-raising mission that pits them against an impending tsunami.

Knight Valley is the perfect representation of Falcon’s Creative Group in their element. The park’s success required compelling storytelling, brand-new approaches to media, and attention to the layout challenges of constructing show buildings on the side of a mountain.

Falcon’s Licensing offers the Adventures into the Deep experience, including Pre-Show and Main Show media content.

Knight Valley at OCT Eco Park is located in: Shenzhen, China

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