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Turtle Trek®

Be an Everyday Hero at SeaWorld Orlando's Turtle Trek® and live the journey of a sea turtle from its beginning as a hatchling to a fully-grown adult. Audiences are immersed in the perspective of a sea turtle and engaged in a thrilling array of natural environments. Turtle Trek® is an uplifting experience that gives audiences the unique opportunity to not only live out a sea turtle’s challenges and triumphs, but also to learn how to make a difference in the marine ecosystem.

In this experience, Falcon’s Creative Group aimed to tell a story from the viewpoint of a sea turtle that would entertain guests and educate them about preserving our world’s natural resources. The unbelievable tale of the sea turtle’s life was developed through a fruitful collaboration with the creative teams of SeaWorld. From a turtle's point of view, guests join Nyah™ the sea turtle and face immense hardships before making it back to the beach where they were hatched.

This project represented yet another industry advancement pioneered by Falcon’s Creative Group, the world’s first 360° 3D omni-view attraction. The presentation format, Falcon’s Spheron® Theater, offers guests an unpredictable and vibrant experience, free of frames and boundaries. Unlike many media-based screen attractions, Falcon’s was determined to hide as much evidence of technical systems as possible, keeping guests from being pulled out of the powerful story by screen edges and obtrusive equipment. The motivated partnership for Turtle Trek® allowed an impactful story about ecological responsibility to come to life, with dramatic world-building and pristine stereoscopic media and surround sound integration.

Falcon’s Licensing offers the Main Show media content for this awe-inspiring 360° 3D experience.

VES Award

Turtle Trek® is located in: Orlando, Florida, U.S.A.

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