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Chimelong Ocean Kingdom

Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is a Thea award-winning destination in Zhuhai, China, a joyful celebration of humanity’s relationship with the ocean and its creatures, replete with fun-filled themed zones, exotic animal exhibits, exhilarating rides, and immersive theater shows, parades, and enriched media spectacles. Two of Chimelong Ocean Kingdom’s most celebrated elements are Ocean Avenue’s immense Media Canopy and the Deep Sea Odyssey aquarium adventure attraction. Falcon’s Creative Group was the visionary force behind the media and design services in the park, enjoyed by thousands of guests daily.

Situated over Ocean Avenue, the park’s main entry and retail boulevard, the giant Media Canopy acts as the theme park’s welcome experience in the morning and exit experience at the end of the day. It is a truly unique multimedia extravaganza. On this unprecedented overhead canvas, over 300 feet long and 100 feet wide, five distinct visual storylines delight guests with custom characters, environments, and styles. The media programming was cleverly constructed into a randomized and seamless loop, with room to easily implement new segments. The ingenious perspectives in this beautiful undersea dance were carefully produced and then integrated on-site, for the perfect introduction to Chimelong Ocean Kingdom during the park’s Grand Opening.

Deep Sea Odyssey quickly proved to be one of Chimelong Ocean Kingdom’s marquee attractions. Deep Sea Odyssey takes visitors on an immersive scenic underwater experience, featuring a combination of themed scenes, animated media content, and breathtaking glimpses of a Guinness World Record-setting aquarium full of tropical fish. The attraction is located under the park’s signature whale shark icon, and is narrated by Pao-Pao, an adorable character who is part-fish, part-mechanical submarine. He guides guests through scenes incorporating media bubble screens, electrifying custom jellyfish characters, and even a media dome overflowing with virtual lava. Falcon’s Creative Group tackled hurdles of animation for the Chinese language barrier, an endlessly looping ride system, and aquarium layout interaction.

THEA Award

Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is located in: Zhuhai, China

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