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  • Treehouse
    • Treehouse manages our master planning attraction design, executive production, and special venue development. Visit Treehouse
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  • Digital Media
    • Digital Media develops media, augmented reality and interactive experiences that ignite the imagination. Visit Digital Media
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  • Licensing
    • Licensing provides access to our unparalleled attraction systems, media content and intellectual property. Visit Licensing
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Media Production

Falcon's offers a full range of in-house media production services, including concept design, pre-production, script writing, live action production, 2D and 3D animation, visual effects, sound design, video editing, and on-site programming. We fully embrace the challenges of custom screen formats, immense resolutions, high frame rates, and intricate stereoscopic 3D choreography for unique and immersive experiences.

Media opens the door to explore immersive stories and impossible worlds.

Falcon's Digital Media Demo Reel

We produce cutting-edge media content for a wide variety of applications, special venues, attractions, and experiences that immerse guests like never before. Our team utilizes proprietary software, tools, plugins, processes, and virtual camera lensing logic that help to make the impossible possible. We hold an array of media related patents, and have the capabilities to create vibrant and innovative 2D, 3D, and 4D experiences.

Our media team is complemented by the synergy of Falcon’s attraction design and executive production - even more resources at your service. Some of our most successful media projects are available to be licensed for your venue through Falcon’s Licensing.

Falcon's award-winning media content is considered to be some of the best in the themed entertainment industry and is featured all over the globe in dark rides, dome theaters, and one of the largest media canopies in the world.

If your goal is a seamless blend of virtual and physical worlds, Falcon's Digital Media is your ideal resource.

Featured Falcon's Digital Media Work