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  • Treehouse
    • Treehouse manages our master planning attraction design, executive production, and special venue development. Visit Treehouse
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  • Digital Media
    • Digital Media develops media, augmented reality and interactive experiences that ignite the imagination. Visit Digital Media
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  • Licensing
    • Licensing provides access to our unparalleled attraction systems, media content and intellectual property. Visit Licensing
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Theme Park Design

At Falcon’s we understand the big picture and then we paint it with words, storyboards, and blueprints, creating vast themed experiences for our clients from a blue sky idea to opening day. Our theme park design expertise ranges from creating concepts in a green field environment to revamping existing theme parks with fresh new storylines.

Theme park design is a natural skill here at Falcon’s. Our process begins with understanding the client's vision and making sure we follow through with delivering an unforgettable experience.

Our award-winning team creates breakthrough solutions for clients worldwide with projects that range from creating the latest 4D Dark Ride to 360° 3D Dome Theaters. With our clients, we work to find the most creative and effective use of space within a greenfield environment or an existing theme park.

A vital part of our process in theme park development is the ability to provide a multitude of solutions from a concept master plan to providing the executive production that will allow for an efficient construction and fabrication process. Our diverse selection of services and products are truly one of a kind, allowing for flexibility and true quality control over the design and production process.

Throughout our history, Falcon’s commitment to being a responsible and passionate company shows most in our final touches through our executive production process. We are committed to making sure our clients feel they are being respected in terms of budget and schedules for completion. Commitment to our clients and our future guests at our designed theme parks, attractions and films are of paramount priority to Falcon’s. We want all guest to truly experience their imagination at these theme parks.

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