Our divisions provide turnkey themed entertainment experiences →

  • Treehouse
    • Treehouse manages our master planning attraction design, executive production, and special venue development. Visit Treehouse
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  • Digital Media
    • Digital Media develops media, augmented reality and interactive experiences that ignite the imagination. Visit Digital Media
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  • Licensing
    • Licensing provides access to our unparalleled attraction systems, media content and intellectual property. Visit Licensing
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Project Management

Falcon’s works with vendors to ensure their related components are being ordered, manufactured, tested and shipped in time to meet the overall schedule. Falcon’s analyzes lead times and resourcing parameters.

A fantastic adventure needs a compass!

Falcon’s Creative Group, as our name implies, offers a treasure trove of creative services. One of these services – crucial, but frequently overshadowed – is creative and resourceful project management. Falcon’s offers something rare in this business: the right brain and the left brain, to make your project a success while protecting its creative vision. Our project managers have organizational, operational, and financial “book smarts” and “street smarts”, and they appreciate the various quirks of a theme park, museum, live show, and large-scale construction design.

Our team communicates with our clients on a regular and frequent basis to ensure that the facilities are properly prepared to accept the delivery and installation of attraction components.

To conclude our services, we provide close-out documentation to include final scripts, illustrations, consolidation of vendors’ final deliverables and compilations of all necessary details for completion.

When you get excited about opening new worlds to guests, the last thing you want to think about are budgets, permits, and schedules. But a lack of attention to these elements can spell disaster. Our experts have helped dozens of venues open their doors.